Now that there’s a closed season on Seatrout, Redfish and Snook for the next year in SW Florida…what to fish for if you want a fresh fish dinner.
Flounder is one of the best tasting fish in the gulf. I also like catching drum, they are strong fighters and the smaller ones are good to eat.
If you do any surf fishing, you can catch Whiting and Pompano along with Flounder. A good live bait to use is a live shrimp fished on the bottom. Flounder can be caught on soft plastic artificial bait, bouncing it along the bottom. My favorite is a pearl color Zman.
When fishing for Whiting on the beach, look for the troughs in the water. Some beaches have two troughs, one very close to the shore and the other one 20-30 feet out. Usually the Whiting will be in that first trough. Some people make the mistake of throwing there bait too far out, past that first trough.
Remember, when saltwater fishing, the best time to fish is when the tide is moving, whether you’re surf fishing, fishing from a boat, pier, or dock.