Saltwater Fishing Class For Beginners

Would you like to know how to catch fish on the gulf coast of Florida and other coastal states?

My fishing class is 100% online.  Learn to fish from the comfort of your home.

I have fished the gulf coast waters of Florida for over 40 years. I’ve surf-fished, fished from a boat, kayak, pier, and wade fishing.

I’ve been a kayak fishing guide for 5 years and have taught this class for 4 years and received great reviews about the class.

In my fishing class, you will learn the following:

  • Water safety

  • Types of fish to catch in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Fishing equipment: Rods, reels, fishing line, etc.

  • Different types of hooks to use

  • Live bait and cut-bait

  • Artificial lures: Soft plastic, topwater plugs, suspending baits, etc.

  • HOW to catch fish: Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook, Flounder, Snapper, etc.

  • HOW to find fish, what to look for on the grass flats in the backwater

  • HOW to find and catch fish from the shore: Surf fishing

  • Reef Fishing: Regulations, what equipment to use, baits, hooks, etc.

  • Safety tips for wade fishing

  • How to fish from a kayak and kayak safety tips

  • How to fish from a boat and boat safety tips

  • Drift fishing

  • Tips on anchoring a boat and kayak

  • Best saltwater tides for fishing

  • Learn to tie fishing knots

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