Saltwater Fishing Class For Beginners

Would you like to know how to catch fish on the gulf coast of Florida and other coastal states?

The fishing class will be in person in Sarasota County and online.  Learn to fish from the comfort of your home.

I have fished the gulf coast waters of Florida for over 40 years. I’ve surf fished, fished from a boat, kayak, pier, and wade fishing.

I’ve been a kayak fishing guide for 5 years and have taught this class for 4 years and received great reviews about the class.

In my fishing class, you will learn about the following:

  • Water safety

  • Types of fish to catch in the Gulf of Mexico

  • Fishing equipment: Rods, reels, fishing line, etc.

  • Different types of hooks to use

  • Live bait and cut-bait

  • Artificial lures: Soft plastic, topwater plugs, suspending baits, etc.

  • HOW to catch fish: Sea Trout, Redfish, Snook, Flounder, Snapper, etc.

  • HOW to find fish, what to look for on the grass flats in the backwater

  • HOW to find and catch fish from the shore: Surf fishing

  • Reef Fishing: Regulations, what equipment to use, baits, hooks, etc.

  • Safety tips for wade fishing

  • How to fish from a kayak and kayak safety tips

  • How to fish from a boat and boat safety tips

  • Drift fishing

  • Tips on anchoring a boat and kayak

  • Best saltwater tides for fishing

  • Learn to tie fishing knots

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