There are times when I like using a trolling motor on my kayak. It’s usually when my wife and I go out on our tandem kayak. It’s much easier for us to use the trolling motor. We have a 46 lb thrust motor and use a deep cycle battery. I had a car-size battery but it was too heavy for me to carry around so I got a smaller one that is half the weight.

Occasionally, I will use a trolling motor on my single kayak. It depends on out far I want to go from the launch site. I like paddling because there’s nothing to set up, just slide the kayak into the water and load a few things and I’m ready to go.

Here’s a good trolling motor bracket if you decide to use a trolling motor. Its adjustable so it will fit most sit-on-top kayaks with flush mount rod holders.

I built my bracket myself, but if you have the money I would highly suggest buying the one I have in this blog article.