If you are new to saltwater fishing or just not sure what fishing rods & reels to buy, let me share with you what I use.

Rods: I like a 6 1/2 – 7′ rod with reinforced eyelets. Here’s one for only $34.99 https://amzn.to/3nB6yYn   

A 7′ rod is a good overall size. The most common rod length is 6′-7′. The longer the rod the farther you can cast your bait. When it comes to a 1-piece or 2-piece rod it all depends on you. If you need a 2-piece for transporting then buy one. I use my 7′ rods on my kayak, from a boat, and surf fishing.

I also like a rod with a long butt behind the reel. This allows me to rest my forearm on the rod so my wrist doesn’t get sore. Look for a medium-action fast rod, it will say this on the rod. I recommend buying a lighter rod vs a heavy one for fishing inshore on the flats. If you are going to fish offshore then you need a heavier rod.

Reels: You can buy a saltwater spinning reel but it’s not really necessary for the average fisherman. I do recommend rinsing off your reel with fresh water after every use, rinse off your rod as well.

Reels can cost anywhere from $19 to several hundred dollars. Here’s a low-priced one that I have and it works fine for me.

It’s only $24.95. You might want to invest a little more money when you start fishing more.  https://amzn.to/3lmFNUO

Usually the more ball bearings a reel has the better it is. I also like the Sienna 2500 series reel. I have a 4000 series but it’s a little too heavy for casting a lot.

Here are some popular brands of fishing reels: Shimano, Pflueger, Abu Garcia, Penn, Diawa.

The fishing rod might be more important than the reel. The rod does most of the work fighting the fish. You want to have a nice balance with your rod & reel combo. 

Visit a local tackle shop to get an idea of what you want. Hold several rod & reel combos and get a feel for the balance and weight.