Fishing Kayaks:

What kind of kayak should you buy for fishing, sit-on-top(SOT), or sit-in? what length? Pedal or paddle? Single or tandem? What brand? How will you transport it, truck bed, top of SUV or trailer? Should I buy a used or new kayak?

There are many things to consider before you buy a kayak. 

  1. Sit-in or sit-on-top kayak? I prefer a sit-on-top kayak because there is more storage room, more maneuverability, easier to re-enter if the kayak flips, sit-on-tops usually have built-in rod holders and there are many extra accessories you can add to a SOT kayak. Some also come with adjustable raised seats. Sit-in kayaks aren’t available with pedal drive, your only option is paddle. Some SOT kayaks offer enough stability to stand up while fishing.  


    What length? I recommend at least an 11 ft kayak for better tracking. Weight is also a consideration. If you are going solo and/or have physical limitations buy a lighter kayak. There are kayak carts available to help you carry the kayak to the water. My kayaks weigh about 45 lbs, which I can handle by myself.

  3. Pedal or paddle/ It depends on a few things. Do you have leg or shoulder problems? If you have bad knees you don’t want to buy a pedal kayak. Also, most pedal kayaks are heavier. Pedal kayaks do free up your hands so you can fish while you are moving from spot to spot or trolling. There are two types of pedal drives: the Hobie drive you push the pedals back and forth, the other kayak brands are like bicycle pedals.

Try before you buy!!! Most kayak dealers have demo days when you can try out different types of kayaks. if buying used insist on trying before you buy to make sure you’re comfortable in the kayak and to make sure it doesn’t have any cracks in the hull, I learned this the hard way.